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Find answers to questions frequently asked by Cuzco customers.

What should I look for in a Painting company?

Choosing a company without a solid history of high quality work increases the risk of shoddy workmanship and the use of low quality materials. Of course, everyone wants to save money on painting work, but we've found you get what you pay for with companies that make exceptional promises, so it makes sense to focus on quality.

Cuzco's approach is to thoroughly examine the interior or exterior structure, understand the customer's needs, and then produce a quote that ensures the work is done right. We don't cut corners in how we repair surfaces, the materials we use, like quality Sherwin Williams paints, and our workmanship. Our goal is never to produce a "super low bid". However our prices are extremely competitive for the superior level of quality and workmanship we provide.


Do I really need wood rot repair?

Exterior siding surfaces require periodic maintenance and replacement. A house with a history of infrequent or low quality painting is likely to require the replacement of degraded trim, fascia, or whole siding sheets in order to ensure that new paint will adhere to the surface, and the surface will not degrade over the life of the paint job.

In order to minimize price, many painting companies identify only a minimal amount of wood rot that needs to be repaired, which increases the risk of paint flaking or surface degradation later. The cost of making necessary wood rot repairs now is almost always cheaper than trying to repair more extensive degradation later.

A mark of quality for wood rot repair can be found with companies, such as Cuzco, that provide a detailed estimate of the work needing to be performed, itemizing the specific boards to be replaced, with separate prices for the material and labor components.


What are Cuzco’s payment terms and options?

For projects estimated at less than $3,000, 50% is due upon acceptance and the balance upon completion.  For projects between $3,000 and $8,000, 30% is due upon acceptance and the balance upon completion.  For projects greater than $8,000, 30% is due upon acceptance, a second 30% is due at the half-way point, and the remaining 40% upon completion. 

Cuzco accepts major credit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.


How does Cuzco warrant its work?

In the carpentry and painting industry, if something is going to go wrong with work, such as flaking or other defects, it typically occurs very quickly after the work is done. Cuzco takes a longer outlook and warrants our work for a full year to ensure that quality is proven through the weathering of four full seasons of heat, cold, wind, rain, and snow. If, for any reason, a customer feels that Cuzco has provided inferior quality work during this time, we'll fix it. Period.


Please contact us for more information if you have additional questions.

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